Operation of the English-Environmental School

As part of raising awareness of the need to protect not only slow lorises, but also other endangered animal species and nature as a whole, we built and equipped an English-Environmental School for children near the rescue and rehabilitation centre in the village of Bandar Baru. Dozens of local children attend the school three times a week in the afternoon, after their compulsory schooling, and learn English and environmental education there. The school is for free, but children must attend regularly, complete tasks, and show their motivation. Through the school, we build a new generation of nature lovers and conservationists and at the same time support the local community and the future employment of children in the labour market. Thanks to that, local people are positively inclined to our program and its activities and visions. The operation of the school is significantly financed by our partner Liberec Zoo.


1) At the end of the lesson, the children evaluate their environmental work
2) English lesson
3) Lesson of environmental education
4) Closing the semester in the English-Environmental School