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Many thanks to all the donors listed on our transparent account. We also thank donors donating with the help of CCBC and, all companies, partner organizations and those who have supported us in the past!

Long-term Support - Program Partnership

Are you a zoo, institution, company, or individual and want to be part of The Kukang Rescue Program? Would you like to regularly support the program financially or otherwise? Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are still open to establishing cooperation with other partners who would like to support the protection of the greater and Sumatran slow loris in situ, i.e. in the place of its natural occurrence.

For modern zoos from all over the world, which are interested in a given species or illegal markets, this offers one of the opportunities to participate in this program. This way we can jointly contribute to a unified breeding and conservation strategy of modern zoos, whose philosophy is not only species protection ex situ, but especially in situ, i.e. in the area of the natural occurrence of protected species.

How to Help as a Volunteer

We are constantly looking for volunteers for our project who would like to dedicate their energy and time to help slow lorises, both from abroad and directly in Sumatra.

For our international activities, we are looking for

Graphic designer

active position

We are looking for a creative graphic designer who would like to join our team for a long time and could from time to time help with the preparation of leaflets, posters, invitations, and also help with web graphics, etc.

Social networking specialist

active position

We are looking for an experienced, creative enthusiast for modern social networks. We would like to make the most of the potential of social networks to spread information about our activities and the awareness we seek to raise.

Marketing specialist

active position

We are looking for a person with marketing experience in the team. We would like to work on how our activities affect the public mainly online. In our case, it will be mainly about searching for opportunities to address the public and partners, updating texts and spreading information on the Internet, searching for other options, coordination of advertising, etc.

Online marketing specialist

active position

We are looking for an online marketing specialist who masters Internet advertising tools (PPC, Google Ad Words,…) and who will thus help the Kukang team with online education of the issue of black trade in animals, including the greater slow lorises.

Assistant with the organization of events and fundraising

active position

We are looking for an initiative person who would like to get involved in the preparation of events, communication with the public, and addressing sponsors.

Awareness campaign consultant

active position

We are looking for a person with enthusiasm and experience with awareness campaigns. Our program has established campaigns such as Stolen Wildlife, I Am Not Your Toy! and is also active in campaigns around Indonesia. We would like to have a new person in the team who would like to help with consulting and managing these and other possible campaigns.


active position

In the Kukang-IT team, we are looking for an expert with knowledge of HTML code and content management systems (Joomla). Previous experience with PHP, JavaScript (jQuery) and SQL is an advantage. We are looking for a communicative expert in web design and website development with a desire to participate in the Kukang Rescue Program, but also in other original projects to combat the illegal trade in animals.

For our activities in Indonesia, we are looking for

As our primary goal is to find long-term and stable team members, volunteer assistance in Indonesia also has its specifics and requirements that need to be met. These requirements include, for example, regular communication with the coordinator of volunteers and cooperation with team members before the actual departure to Indonesia. Each position requires specific skills and brings different requirements.

Our requirements:
  • Communication with the coordinator of volunteers and involvement in the team before leaving for Indonesia
  • Volunteer visa to Indonesia
  • Minimum stay of three months
  • Knowledge of English at a communication level
  • Communicativeness, diligence, positive mood
What we offer:
  • Knowledge of Sumatra, Indonesian nature and culture
  • Housing in the centre
  • Possibility of a trip to the surroundings (e.g. a guide to an active volcano)
  • Possibility of long-term involvement in a team of enthusiastic wildlife conservationists

Helpers of ecological education and awareness

Active from 2021

We are looking for two volunteers (a couple is an advantage) who will regularly help with the ecological education of children. This education assistance will take place primarily in the three target communities in the villages of Bandar Baru, Kuta Male, and Basukum. Our Indonesian teachers and assistants in these villages teach ecology lessons and English. Volunteers will assist them in their work and try to improve their pedagogical skills. Part of the work will also be an analysis of the current state, streamlining teaching, and curriculum. It will also include help with the environmental libraries we have built in these communities, as well as help with awareness campaigns. Volunteers should have experience with education, they should be independent and systematic (a pedagogical course is a great advantage). For volunteers, their own accommodation will be provided in the village.

Promoter of activities in Sumatra

Active from 2021

We are looking for a creative enthusiast for modern social networks to join the team in Sumatra. We would like to make the most of the potential of social networks to spread information about our activities in Sumatra. The promoter should have a modern approach, experience with social networks, editing photos, videos, and the basics of marketing. We would like to work on how our activities affect the public mainly online.

Coffee expert

Active from 2021

We have launched the ambitious “Kukang Coffee” project, which aims to help the local farming community and protect local endangered and protected species of animals, including slow lorises, pangolins, hornbills, orangutans, etc. We are looking for a coffee specialist to help set up the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods of growing coffee, but also its processing and storage. More information about the project after communication with the coordinator of volunteers.

Biodiversity specialist

Active from 2021

We are looking for an expert to expand biodiversity in the area of the rescue and rehabilitation centre in Sumatra (biological education is an advantage). Our rescue and rehabilitation centre is 2.5 hectares large and is located at the foot of the mountains that are part of the Leuser Ecosystem and near the Sibayak Volcano. It is a natural place with lots of trees, more greenery, and also a system of artificial and natural ponds and marshes. The centre has a relatively large diversity of animal and plant species. We expand and support this diversity in various ways such as the creation of biodiversity ponds, water retention in the landscape, partial mowing of grass, leaving dead wood in the area, etc. We would like to professionalize these activities in our area as much as possible and also have an overview of species that also thanks to these activities live in our centre.

Cameraman/film editor

Active from 2021

We are looking for a cameraman/film editor (he/she may be an amateur) who would work in Sumatra for some time and record the activities of the project. The cameraman must have his own camera or SLR. A GoPro, a Rode VideoMic Rycote microphone and a tripod are available in the centre. In addition to filming, the cameraman can help with other activities of our program, which are mentioned above.

Do you like our idea and goals? Would you like to get involved in one of our activities? Do you want to become a full member of our Kukang team? Do you want more specific information? Choose the position that you are interested in and fill out the form.

I have not found any suitable position

Have you not found a suitable position for you? Even so, you can contact us via the form and write us something about yourself and what you would like to contribute. We are happy to welcome enthusiastic new team members.