Building a Czech-Indonesian team

In Sumatra, we established an Indonesian foundation called Yayasan Peduli Kelestarian Satwa Liar (PASAL Foundation). Our intention is to help the local people to play the role of conservationists in Indonesia. Since the launch of the Kukang Rescue Program, we have therefore worked closely with Indonesians, who hold various positions and are already a stable part of the team. In addition to these employees in the rescue and rehabilitation centre and the adjacent school, we also have a field team composed of residents of a partner village located near our field forest area. Its members manage a local eco-library for children, work with farmers, and carry out other activities related to the future release and monitoring of slow lorises. It is interesting that two field workers are former hunters of slow lorises and pangolins - however, thanks to cooperation with us they now protect these animals. With these steps, the Kukang Rescue Program has been able to eliminate the hunting of slow lorises, pangolins, and other endangered species in the area, thus protecting hundreds of animals. This significant achievement is already noticeable in the number of animals observed during fieldwork.


1) Czech-Indonesian team working in the field
2) Czech-Indonesian team working in the Kukang Program in the village of Bandar Baru
3) Czech-Indonesian team in the field
4) In our team, there are also former hunters of slow lorises and pangolins, who have now become conservationists