Installing camera traps

Monitoring of wild animals is used to estimate their abundance. Camera traps are an additional monitoring method we use. These are installed by our field team in the field area where our program has been operating for a long time. In addition to being able to see from these records what animals move in the area and track their behaviour, we can also see, for example, what animals share the same environment with slow lorises. Camera traps thus allow us to record otherwise very shy animals, which are especially active at night.

We continuously check all camera traps and analyze and store all data.


1) Placement of the Kukang camera trap by the team.
2) Setting the camera trap by the Kukang team.
3) Black-crested Sumatran langur (Presbytis melalophos), endemic species in Sumatra, recorded on the camera trap.
4) Bengal cat (Catopuma temminckii) recorded on the camera trap.