Establishment of the first rescue centre in Sumatra specializing in slow lorises

In 2014, we built the first rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated illegally sold or held slow lorises in Sumatra in the village of Bandar Baru in the province of North Sumatra. The centre is less than a 2-hour drive from the provincial capital of Medan, an important hub of illegal trade in Indonesia. The fact that such a facility had been lacking in Sumatra before made it virtually impossible to combat the illegal trade in slow lorises effectively. Seizures and reception of slow lorises are carried out in cooperation with the Indonesian authorities responsible for enforcing wildlife protection laws. Slow lorises who successfully complete the rehabilitation process at the centre can be released back into the wild. The rescue and rehabilitation centre meets all the necessary standards for quarantine and rehabilitation of animals and their welfare.


1) Animal care clinic
2) Quarantine enclosures
3) Male greater slow loris in the quarantine
4) Examination of the teeth of a slow loris accepted to the clinic