Organizing educational events

Insufficient awareness of the life, importance, threats, and protected status of slow lorises and other endangered and protected animals is one of the reasons for the demand for them. That is why we place great emphasis on education and awareness. We organize lectures, discussions, and awareness-raising competitions in schools and other institutions. Especially in tourist places in the North Sumatra region, we spread awareness about the illegal trade in wild animals and the harmfulness of keeping and popularizing slow lorises as pets, for example with the help of our “I Am Not Your Toy!” campaign. Together with the Ostrava Zoo, we have also created a unique “Stolen Wildlife” campaign, informing about the illegal trade in wild animals and their body parts in Europe, and especially in the Czech Republic.


1) The Stolen Wildlife Campaign
2) Organizing lectures on the protection of slow lorises and other endangered species
3) Lecture on animal protection at the local high school
4) Spreading awareness of endangered animals at tourist sites