Helping farmers resolve their conflicts with wild animals

We discuss with farmers and advise them on how they can protect their crops from wild animals without having to injure or kill them.

Due to the loss of the natural environment and food, animals are increasingly penetrating close to human dwellings and into fields where, as “pests”, they are persecuted and killed by humans. We have therefore created a unique brochure for Indonesian farmers providing simple tips and tricks on how farmers can protect crops from wild animals without having to injure or kill them. In addition, the brochure serves as educational material on the biology and ecological benefits of 18 endangered animal species. According to 67 farmers surveyed living near a protected rainforest in North Sumatra, these species most often enter their fields. It also draws attention to the penalties for killing or capturing protected animals. The manual is written in Czech, English, and Indonesian, and is complemented by original drawings of animals (download: Brochure - How to protect your farm against animals while letting them live).

1) Protected species shown in the brochure for farmers
2) Helping farmers to understand the issue of endangered animals through a brochure
3) Working with farmers and handing out brochures
4) Distributing brochures to farmers