Creation and equipment of two eco-libraries

As part of educating local communities, we have built and equipped two environmentally-oriented libraries for children. One is located in the building of the English-Environmental School in the village of Bandar Baru, where there is a rescue and rehabilitation centre. We created a second library in the partner village of Kuta Male near a protected rainforest in northern Sumatra. Children can view and read picture books about nature, animals and environmental protection written in Indonesian and English for free. This is something completely new and very interesting for them because such books are almost completely missing in Indonesian education. The books were donated by Green-books, The Prague British School and private donors. Furthermore, the libraries are also equipped with colouring books from the Ostrava Zoo and other educational materials.


1) Children reading environmental books in a library built in our field area
2) Children from Bandar Baru reading in our environmental library
3) Environmental library built in the field area
4) Books donated by and the Prague British School to our English-environmental library in Bandar Baru