Addressing the issue of waste and pollution

We are implementing practical solutions to the issue of waste in partner villages and in the rescue centre - from the reduction of plastics to waste-water treatment plants.

In most of Indonesia, there is a lack of waste collection and sorting and further processing, leading to significant environmental pollution. In our rescue and rehabilitation centre, we are trying to reduce the amount of waste, our employees already use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags, we have introduced waste sorting bins and we lead children in our school to similar thinking and steps. In addition, in the rescue and rehabilitation centre, we also addressed the issue of wastewater, and we built an ecological wastewater treatment plant on the site, generated during the operation of the centre.

Also, in the partner village of Kuta Male, where we have been protecting slow lorises and other animals from illegal trade for several years, we launched a project to address the issue of waste at the request of the mayor of the village. It included acquainting the locals with the basic principle of waste sorting, reduction and further processing.

1) Children from our English-Environmental School received canvas bags from the organization
2) Children from the village of Kuta Male decorating their bins for sorted waste
3) Waste sorting bins in the Kukang centre
4) Water cleaning tank