Aims and goals of the program


Aim of The Kukang Rescue Program

Reduction of the illegal trade in the protected and endangered greater slow lorises in the North Sumatra region by cooperation with Indonesian authorities, by enabling an effective enforcement of current laws and by educational activities.

Given the current reprehensible situation regarding the trafficking of endangered and protected animal species in Indonesia, it is critical to work on sufficient and efficient enforcement of legislation for protecting animals from illegal trafficking. Such an enforcement should reduce the supply of protected animal species on the black market. Demand for protected and endangered species can be reduced by increasing the awareness of potentional buyers - the public. All these activities belong to the goals of The Kukang Rescue Program.

Goals of The Kukang Rescue Program

The Kukang Rescue program has four main objectives. The general aim of the program should be successfully met by achieving the particular goals of the program.

We aim to reduce the trafficking of this species that is considered an “absolutely protected species” under current Indonesian legislation by cooperation on confiscating the animals and their rehabilitation in rescue centre. Finally, we focus on educating and raising awareness of this issue.

  1. Cooperation with local government agencies to enforce laws protecting slow lorises.

    Considering that a large number of greater slow lorises sold on the markets are captured from the wild and high monthly fluctuations are evident, the impact of animal markets on the viability of wild populations cannot be anything but negative. Recorded cases of illegal trade are reported to the competent authorities which should support and encourage prohibition of these activities with subsequent confiscation of illegally held individuals and their transfer to the rescue and rehabilitation centre of The Kukang Rescue Program.

  2. Operation of a rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated slow lorises.

    It is necessary to create a conservation centre for wild animals confiscated from the illegal traffickers. Therefore, the second goal of this program is to operate a rescue and rehabilitation centre for the slow lorises confiscated from animal black markets. This will enable the authorities to effectively enforce the laws as an absence of such a facility currently causes an enormous obstacle for the authorities charged with enforcement of these laws.

  3. Raising awareness about the illegal trade in animals and about protection of slow lorises.

    Educating the general public is one of the most important aspects of modern conservation of nature. Public information campaigns, awareness-raising and educational activities under the supervision of the organization are critical to enable understanding of the issue and the utilitarian and a esthetic importance of nature by the general public. Progress in conservation depends on the evolution of public understanding of the relationships between species, the environment and people's own attitudes and actions. Education and awareness-raising enables a broader insight into the illegal trade of animals, habitat loss and conservation in general. The program educates targeted local communities by organizing social events and lectures on this issue. We will be raising the awareness also with help of cages with permanently handicapped slow lorises in the educational part of our rescue and rehabilitation centre.

  4. Building an Indonesian team, which will implement most of the conservation activities associated with slow lorises.

    The goal is to build up a network of key people with whom we could consult any arising slow loris issues. That itself should be a huge step for improvement of the current situation. We will involve more local people and government in activities connected with slow loris protection. We want to train them and create a basic team that would actively realize most of conservation activities.

Statutes of The Kukang Rescue Program, r.s.