How can I help as a volunteer?


We are looking for volunteers who would like to put their time and energy into helping slow lorises, both volunteering in the Czech Republic as well as directly on Sumatra.

In the Czech Republic we are looking for:

vlajka České republiky

1) Online Marketing Specialist

- active now

We are looking for an online marketing specialist skilled in internet advertising tools (PPC, Google Ad Words, ...) who would help the Kukang team raise awareness online about the issue of illegal trade in animals, including the Greater slow loris.

2) IT Specialist

- active now

We are looking for an expert to join our Kukang IT team with a knowledge in HTML and CMS. Previous experience with PHP, JavaScript (jQuery) and SQL are highly welcomed. We are looking for a communicative web designer and a web developer willing to join the Kukang rescue program, as well as other original projects to combat illegal animal trafficking.

3) Event organizing and fundraising assistant

- active now

We are looking for a proactive and enterprising person who would like to assist in organizing and preparing events and would like to interact with people and media, as well as assist in creating fundraising programs and would like to interact with potential fundraisers.

4) Graphic

- active now

We are looking for a creative graphic designer who would like to long-term participate in our team and could help with the preparation of flyers, posters, invitations from time to time, and also would help with graphics of our websites.

In Indonesia we are looking for:

vlajka Indonesie

1) Teachers of English language in the village Kuta Buluh

- active now

We are looking for two volunteers (preferably a couple) who will regularly teach English to children from the village Kuta Buluh. Each week in the village will be a few English lessons at a local elementary school. Our objective is to raise the level of English with a focus on environmental education of local children and establish cooperation with the local community. The work also includes help with management of library focused on environment education. Kuta Buluh adjacent to Gunung Leuser national park and is an area with wild populations of Greater Slow Loris. We want to involve the local community more to nature conservation and to evaluate the environment as suitable/unsuitable for further development of our activities. Teaching English to children and the establishment of library focused on environment education is the first step that we are doing in this area. Volunteers will have ensured in the village their own accommodation and english-indonesian translator.

2) Cameraman / film editor

- start in spring 2018

We are looking for a cameraman / film editor (may be an amateur), which will work for a while in Sumatra and record the activities of the project. Cameraman must have a camera or SLR camera. In the center are available GoPro, microphone Rode VideoMic Rycote and tripod. In addition to filming, this cameraman can help with other activities of our program that are mentioned above.

Our requirements:

  • Minimum stay of three months
  • Knowledge of English
  • Good communication skills, diligence, positive attitude

We offer:

  • Getting to know Sumatra, Indonesian nature and culture
  • Living in the centre is arranged
  • Possibility of excursions in the area (e.g. guide to an active volcano)

Do you like our idea and goals? Would you like to join some of our activities? Would you like to become a member of our team Kukang? Would you like to get more specific information? Choose a position that you are interested in and fill the form.