Contribution to the construction of the rescue and rehabilitation center


The Kukang Resuce Program is still at its beginning. We are still missing a few thousands for completing the construction of the conservation and rehabilitation centre (and for its equipment), which will enable the officers and policemen in Sumatra to confiscate a greater extent the lorises that are illegally traded on the black market. Untill now there is no such centre in Sumatra and also for this reason the laws could not be adequately enforced and the lorises are often not being confiscated at all. So far we have built a basic structure of the centre, which means a house for employees with bathroom, an office, a clinique and a set of quarantine cages. If also you want to donate any money to support our efforts in conservation of animals that cannot help themselves, we will be very grateful and we will state you on our website as a donor. You will help us create a place that will enable us to minimize a physical and mental suffering od individuals surviving in absolutely inadequate conditions of animal black markets.

Our motto is is: “Slow lorises belong in the forest and not in a cage. Let’s give them a chance to gain their freedom, before it’s too late.”

Rehabilitation center

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